价格 JP¥32,800
约合人民币 2078.89 元
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品牌 Angelic Pretty
编号 22C-5005
  • 黑×白
  • 粉×白
别名 Teddy Bear Coat
胸围 84cm
长度 91cm

White x White Boa
Pink x White Boa
Black x White Boa
Black x Black Boa (was not listed with the initial reservation colors in October 2002, but was listed for sale, and sold out in, December 2002. )

Shoulder: 39.2cm
Sleeve: 59.8cm
Cuff width: 30cm

The first Angelic Pretty Coat for winter 2002-2003!
Reservations were accepted ahead of time because it was made in limited quantity.

Reservations ahead of time because it is a limited quantity! !

It has pockets shaped like bear heads which are very lovely.
Plenty of fluffy boa.
With a bear-chan brooch (not pictured on the reserve page)

Material: ウールモッサ (wool) and ボア (“Boa”, looks like a fuzzy fleecy sort of thing; certainly not feathers!)

Featured in the GLB #6 and the GLB #7