价格 JP¥12,800
约合人民币 819.21 元
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品牌 Angelic Pretty
编号 23B-6032
  • 白×粉
  • 白×黑
别名 Sweet Ribbon Blouse
[Official colorways]
– Black x black ribbon
– White x black ribbon
– White x wine ribbon

Featured in the GLB #10 (September 2003).

[Enterer note] What I think happened, is that when they added it to the webshop, they first added the JSK, then they duplicated the HTML file and edited it. While editing it, they missed changing the material and measurements. That said, I would not assume that the measurements, nor material listed here are correct (the blouse clearly not being tartan like the JSK).
Material: T / R tartan (Pretty sure this is wrong, but it’s on the old AP website)
Measurements look wrong; they look like dress measurements, but here: Length: 91cm (skirt length: 53cm) Bust: 84cm Waist: 70.8cm