价格 JP¥28,980
约合人民币 1832.28 元
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品牌 Victorian Maiden
别名 Intuck Sleeve Lady Jacket (2014)
胸围 96 cm
长度 49 cm
腰围 77 cm
袖口 24.5 cm
肩宽 37 cm
袖长 65.5 cm
Official colours: black, hazel, shell rose [Material] Body: satin (58% cotton, 37% lyocell, 5% polyurethane) Lining: stretch (100% polyester) Chemical lace Petersham ribbon Suede ribbon [Additional measurements] Sleeve length: 58.5cm (to external size / position with cuff) Sleeve length: 65.5cm (up to external dimensions / cuff end) Country of origin: Japan