101701 リトルレディジャンパースカート

价格 JP¥24,990
约合人民币 1555.17 元
2 0
品牌 Innocent World
  • 薄荷
别名 Little Lady JSK
胸围 84-96
长度 93cm
腰围 64.5-81.5

Outer fabric: 100% Cotton (Ox print)
Inner lining: 100% Polyester

Skirt: Short 55 // Long 70

IW: “Cats were much loved and cherished by aristocratic ladies in European history.
Young girls of the time period would watch in awe of the elegant figures of aristocratic ladies in repose while stroking a pet cat.
They would long to grow up, thinking “I want to be a lovely Madam too!” with an adorable kitten nestled in their laps.

We’ve made this Little Lady series for all of the stylish young ladies out there.”