价格 JP¥44,940
约合人民币 2796.69 元
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品牌 Innocent World
编号 093605
  • 奶茶
别名 Classical Angel Coat
胸围 S 90 // M 96 // L 102
长度 S 96 // M 99 // L 102
腰围 S 73 // M 79 // L 85

Outer lining:87% Wool, 2% Cashmere, 11% Nylon(Micro cashmere melton)
Inner lining:100% Polyester(Satin angel print)

The pintuck flared shape of this coat is very elegant.
The inner lining of the coat is beautifully decorated with an ornate angel print so it will look fabulous if the inside shows as well☆

It has lots of space to accommodate skirts and puffy petticoats and make an elegant silhouette.

The collar is lined in fake fur. It’s really fluffy and soft and is removable as well.